Wonderful Wednesday Women gathers weekly on Wednesday mornings at 10:00 a.m. in person and on Zoom.

As we gather, we build relationships by doing a “How is it with your soul” check-in and share any special prayer requests or concerns. We then look at the worship from the past weekend and discuss a variety of things about it that we connected with. Then we look ahead to the coming weekend and at the worship service that is planned. We discuss the lectionary for the weekend and reflect on the messages from each. This group is not only a bible study, but a way to look at the meaningful design of the worship service and find varying ways we can each connect to it. We are also a great support system for one another as we go through different times and events in our lives and share from our own life experiences and faith journeys.

Contact Nicole Smith, nicole@fumcames.org, for more information and/or the Zoom link.