Hello FUMC,

Throughout this pandemic, the Church Council has vigilantly followed and discussed the pandemic, and how to respond to it. As mentioned by Pastor Kerrin, a subset of the Church Council, called the Rapid Response Team, has been formed to be more agile and responsive to the changing landscape, and to ensure decisions and communications occur quickly. In late May, we made the decision to align to the Bishop’s guidelines for re-opening, and those are summarized in the flyer below. Please take the time to read the full set of guidelines as well.

We believe that now is the time to consider re-opening the church. The Bishop states that we are currently in a RED phase, but current pandemic levels are leading us to  target an early August move to the YELLOW phase, which means that some form of on-site worshiping and meetings will be allowed. To help us meet your expectations, we have created a survey that will give us the feedback we need to properly start our re-opening process. Please complete this survey as soon as possible.

We expect to stay in the YELLOW phase for many months, and that phase will include a gradual relaxing of restrictions. So our initial opening activities will be greatly limited to ensure we protect everyone, and we will pursue additional services and access as we move forward. Please note that we need *everyone* to step up and volunteer to handle all the additional items that re-opening now requires (sanitizing, door access, distancing measures, etc.). We cannot move forward without all of your help here.

More details will be coming out as we complete the plans. But please feel free to reach out to your Pastors, or Church Council members, with any questions, concerns, suggestions, etc.


Matt Carney

Chair, Church Council


***Please review the documents below and complete the survey EITHER in electronic form OR printed form.

Ames First UM Church Reopening Flyer v2

IAUMC Church Re-Entry Plan

Electronic Ames First UMC  Covid-19 Worship Survey

Printable Ames First UMC_ Covid-19 Worship Survey