Here are some great ways to keep up with what’s going on in our church during the new year!

#1 Website Blogs

What: Blurbs of things happening throughout AmesFUMC, usually descriptions of events.

How: Go to our website, , click What’s Happening on menu bar (or just use this web address )Another option is to just scroll down on the website homepage and see recent posts on the left hand side, as well. Click on them to see the full post.

#2 Facebook

What: Posts that include announcements and reminders of events, recent pictures, and links to our website blogs. If you have a quick question, feel free to message us! We also love to see you ‘like’ and comment on our photos and posts.

How: Go to Facebook and search our page: Ames First United Methodist Church. ( ) Be sure to like our page so our posts come up on your Facebook Home page.

#3 Twitter

What: Tweets with pictures, reminders, and announcements of things happening around AmesFUMC

How: Go to your Twitter app or and search for @AmesFirstUMC. Click the follow button so our tweets make it to your Home page/Newsfeed. If you don’t have Twitter, you can go to our website homepage (, scroll down and see a couple of the most recent tweets on the right hand side.

#4 Instagram

What: Photos of recent fun at AmesFUMC

How: Go to your Instagram app or and search for @AmesFirstUMC. Click Follow so you can see our posts when scrolling through your Home/Newsfeed. Comment and like our pictures to let us know you saw it! If you don’t have Instagram, you can see a few of our most recent pictures by going to our website homepage (, scrolling down and looking on the left hand side of the page.

#5 App

What: An app completely about AmesFUMC!!! We send out notifications that will pop up on your phone occasionally through this app for reminders of events at our church.

How: Download the app, Ames First, from the App Store (Apple phones) or the Play Store (Android phones). There are many different features of our app including links to all our social media mentioned above, Google calendar, Newsletter signup, contact information, and more! Tutorial is soon to come showing you how to use our app to its fullest potential.

#6 Our Monthly Newsletter and Calendar

What: All the details of what is going on- this is the most thorough way to stay updated. It’s in the form of a newsletter as well as a calendar with compiled events from all ministries.

How: You can sign up for an emailed monthly newsletter from our app or on our website homepage ( If you would rather just read the current newsletter and calendar (or archived ones even!), hover over ‘What’s Happening’ on the menu bar, and click on Monthly Newsletter on the drop down menu. If those instructions are too confusing, just go to . Click the links and view online or print at home! Click on Archived Newsletters to see past newsletters and calendars.

#7 Attend our Weekly Services!

What: Our weekly bulletins and verbal announcements will be a glimpse at what is going on within the next week.

How: Saturdays at 5:30pm, Sundays at 8:30am and 11:00am (September through May), Sundays at 9:30am in the Summer. We have a nursery available (up to age 5) as well as children’s worship materials to keep them occupied during service. For further descriptions, see our website homepage and click on the ‘Services’ box or just use this link: