The ways we keep everyone safe at the church

Child • Youth • Adult Volunteer Protection Policy:
Because we value and care about the well-being and safety of our people, we have adopted policies, procedures, and screening tools to assist the church in protecting the physical, mental and emotional well-being of our children, youth, and the volunteers who work with them. All of our paid staff and volunteers are required to attend a training session and complete screening procedures before working with children and youth. Our Safe Sanctuaries policy requires background checks of all education staff and volunteers. If you have questions about our protection policy, please speak with the Christian Education Director.

FUMC’s Behavior Code for participants in any church – sponsored activity:
We recognize that our ministry to the children and youth of the community is an extension of the whole Church’s mission to society. Participation in church-sponsored events is a means of developing Christian values in the lives of young people. We stress the principles of love, mutual respect, and self control. Therefore, we offer the following behavior code as a method of improving discipline at all church-sponsored events. This behavior code will apply to children and youth of all ages participating in any event sponsored by First United Methodist Church.

The behavior we expect from all participants includes:
1. Respect for teachers, counselors, staff, each other, and the building.
2. Self-control appropriate to their age.

When it becomes apparent that a student is misbehaving, the following steps will be taken by the teacher, counselor, or staff member in charge:
1. The teacher/counselor will talk individually to the student.
2. If the behavior happens a second time, the teacher/counselor will redirect the child’s attention or remove the child from trigger behavior.
3. If misbehavior continues, the student will be taken to the church office for a meeting with a member or members of church staff.
4. A third offense will result in a phone call by the student or person in charge to the student’s parents. At this time we would like a meeting with the student, the parent(s), and a member of the church staff.
5. Continued misbehavior will require the involvement of the parent(s) in their child’s church-sponsored events.

Your assistance is needed to ensure that this program works. Please help by discussing this with your child. We ask you to remember that we are using volunteers who give of their time and energy to help you nurture your child in the Christian faith. Please support them as they lead your child along the pathway of Christian growth.

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