Serve Right Now!

Volunteers are critical to providing in-person worship. If you are comfortable and able to participate in-person, please visit the website: to volunteer your help with the precautionary measures needed to make the service possible.  Thank you very much for considering!


Serve Nation/World

Appalachia Service Project (ASP)

The Appalachia Service Project is a Christian mission that addresses the housing needs of Central Appalachia. Each year, usually in late July, a team of high school youth and adults leaves from Ames First UMC to share God’s love through home repair. The goal of the Appalachia Service Project is to make homes safer, drier, and warmer, and to transform the lives of the volunteers and the families with whom they work. This mission certainly is a transformative time for youth and adults; an opportunity to engage in meaningful work, reflect on the blessings and challenges of our life together, and grow closer as a group.

Contact:  Church Office, 515-232-2750

Our Missionaries

New information coming soon about our current missionaries

Serve Local

Volunteer Positions

On Sunday mornings and throughout the week there are a lot of ways to get involved as a volunteer in the life of this church.  In order to help people find where they can serve, we use a Time & Talent sheet that lets people indicate their interest in particular areas.  If you are interested in finding ways to get involved, please contact the church office at 515-232-2750 to receive a Time & Talent sheet.

Official Church Leadership 

Church leadership is determined through a nominating process and then elected every year, typically in the fall, at our annual Charge/Church Conference. Leaders then take their positions starting January 1st. Our various organizational groups have anywhere from 3 to 15 members. If you have an interest in serving on a particular ministry team please contact the church office.

Administrative Ministry Teams

Church Council

The CHURCH COUNCIL acts upon and cares for all the business of the congregation that must be approved or acted upon in accordance with our United Methodist Book of Discipline. It has general oversight over all the many and varied ministries and missions of the church and is the key visioning group for the church.

Staff Parish Relations

Staff Parish Relationship Committee serves as the primary liaison between the congregation and the employed church staff. They evaluate overall church performance, church staffing needs, evaluates staff, and sets salaries, as well as recruit persons for a future in ministry.

Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees maintains all church property, including the main sanctuary building and Christian Education unit, the Spiritual Development Center, and two parsonages.

Gifts and Memorials

Committee on Gifts and Memorials receives memorial gifts, and any other special gifts, given to the church and helps to make recommendations for the expenditure of those funds that have not been designated as well as to give oversight to the disbursement of those funds.

First UMC Foundation

First UMC Foundation Board – promotes, manages, educates persons on the overall work of the Foundation in the life of the congregation and the church’s future, and disburses earnings from the Foundation and its endowment funds.

Finance and Administration

Committee on Finance and Administration – oversees monthly the financial condition of the church and works closely with the Stewardship Cluster to raise funds for the all the ministries and missions of the church.

Lay Leadership and Nominations

Committee on Lay Leadership and Nominations invites, educates and trains, and supports congregation members in the sharing of their gifts in the ministries of the church by serving as active leaders in our organizational structure.


Nurture Ministry Teams

(Relating People to God and Nurturing them in the Faith)

Christian Education Ministries

Christian Education Ministries Team (CEMT) oversees all programming for Children’s and Family Ministries, including the Sunday School and Wednesday Activities and Vacation Bible School.

Worship Cluster

Worship Cluster oversees all business related to the worship life of the congregation.

Outreach Ministry Team

(Reaching Out and Receiving People)

Membership Care Cluster

Membership Care Cluster oversees the health and welfare ministries of the church, assisting the congregation’s caring ministries for all persons.

Welcoming and Marketing

Welcoming and Marketing Team (Evangelism) oversees all of our efforts at reaching out in visible ways to persons and inviting all persons into the Christian life of this congregation.

Witness Ministry Teams

(Sending Forth Disciples for the Transformation of the World)

Stewardship Cluster

Stewardship Cluster oversees a comprehensive ministry inviting people to give their time, talent, and treasures, making use of their spiritual gifts for the sake of the Gospel.


Tithing is not about finances, it is about faith. Giving is a matter of obedience; God blesses us when we are faithful.  When we tithe, two things happen: provision comes into the House of God and heaven opens to pour blessings upon us.  Join us this year in faithful obedience by giving and living generously at Ames First UMC.

“Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse…test me in this…and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it.” (Malachi 3:10)

Missions and Social Justice Concerns

Mission and Social Justice Concerns Cluster oversees a comprehensive mission program for the life of the congregation to enable us to be at work in mission locally and globally. Furthermore, it helps to coordinate and support the church’s ministry in the whole of society, and in this Ames community, as it addresses various social issues and concerns.