In the Fall we hear of ‘Back to School’ sales; churches promoting ‘Back to Church’ events; after summer vacations we hear people whine about needing to go ‘Back to work’. However, I want to suggest that this Fall we don’t go ‘BACK’. Instead, let’s move FORWARD! 

Forward into a new school year…after all, how many of our kids are starting the year with brand new teachers and many will be starting out in a completely different building this year. What is this new school year going to hold? What new opportunities are out there? How can this be the greatest year yet? 

Forward into a new flurry of church missions/ministries/outreach. Are you attending Rally Day so you can see all the amazing ministry happenings this year? What a blessing! We will also be having Sunday and Wednesday classes for all ages. There are several small groups starting up again. There are also always ways to serve the church and the community through mission work and volunteering. How can you help with communion, acolytes, ushering, coffee hour, or more around the church? This Fall we are focusing on being fearless together. What new thing can you fearlessly try with your church family this year? What else would you like to see the church involved in? Talk with one of the pastors if you have ideas of new ministries. Let’s see how creative we can be with opportunities to reach others in our community. 

And let’s go Forward into our work, trying to make a difference for Christ wherever we are and whatever we are doing. The Apostle Paul told the Believers in Ephesus to

Work with enthusiasm, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people” (Ephesians 6:7). 

Let’s make this Fall, a season of moving Forward together, in unity with one another, so that we can have a greater impact for Jesus Christ. 

Moving forward together with you, 
Pastor Nikki