The Children, Family, and Intergenerational Ministries of Ames First are having a school supply drive now through August 18. On August 18, we will pack up the supplies into school kits for Midwest Mission. Midwest Mission is a cooperating supply depot for UMCOR and is located in Pawnee, IL. The kits are a little different than in the past. There is now the addition of colored pencils AND the handmade bag has ONE handle instead of two. The list is found below and the school bag pattern information can be found in the file above. Supply lists and bag patterns can also be found at the display and supply drop off areas by the office and at the Sanctuary entrance. We hope ALL generations of people will come to the High School room on Sunday, August 18 where some from the YOUTH 2019 group will instruct us all on how to put the kits together. This was the service project the group got to participate in while at YOUTH 2019 so they know how the new kits go together! 

Kit Contains: 
· 3 Notebooks -1 subject spiral 8” x 10 1/2” 
· 1 Ruler – 12” long with metric 
· 6 Pencils – unsharpened with no advertising 
· 1 Pencil Sharpener 
· 1 Pencil Eraser – 2” or larger 
· 1 Box 12 Colored Pencils 
· 1 Box 24 Crayons 
· 1 Pair of Scissors – student round tip 
· ONE-handle cloth bag (pattern available above)