I’ve noticed a shift in the TV programming lately; they’ve moved past the Christmas specials and into “end-of-the-year” mode. The morning news programs have started their “year in review” segments; the advertisers have gone to year-end clearance sales; more commercials have popped up for exercise equipment and weight loss programs, aimed at reaching those who are making New Year’s resolutions.

As I write this, Christmas is almost over and the year 2021 is almost behind us. This last year has brought many joys, but also many concerns; some mountaintop experiences, but also some struggles. And now, we look back and see how Jesus, our Immanuel, was with us through all of these times.

The New Year is about to begin, with all of its hope and promise.

The beginning of a new year often brings hope: new opportunities, renewed resolve, optimistic outlooks. But our reason for hope doesn’t come from the turning of the calendar, the actions of the government or even the circumstances around us; our hope is in the Lord, who made Heaven and Earth, and who came to redeem it all through Jesus the Messiah.

What things will truly be ‘new’ about this year? Will we work once again on those resolutions? What spiritual resolutions can we work on in 2022 as we strive to stand on the promises that we have been given?

The most important resolution we can make this year or any other is to deepen our relationship with Christ: living in the wonder of God coming to earth as a baby, in the challenge of the man who walked the earth as a servant, and in the salvation of the one that died on the cross that we might have eternal life.

My prayer for all of us for 2022 is that we might live in the wonder, work toward the challenge and praise God for the salvation all the year through.

In ministry with you in this New Year,
Pastor Nikki