Sometimes it seems that we keep track of our calendars by moving from holiday to holiday – moving from Christmas to Valentine’s Day to Saint Patrick’s Day right to Easter. We can be so quick to jump from one special celebration to the next without thinking about the time in the middle. That “time in the middle” coming up for us is the season of Lent.

We are called not just to prepare the Easter meal with all the cookies and candies or just to get the eggs ready. We are called to prepare our hearts, minds, and souls for our Savior. This is why we have this season of Lent – to prepare. We are called to turn away from our sins and to get rid of those things that distract us, so that we may focus on Christ.

We have been given two amazing blessings:
ɸWe have been given God’s presence with us through Jesus the Word Made Flesh
ɸWe have been redeemed and reconciled through Christ’s sacrifice on the cross.

We cannot take these for granted. We need to spend time in prayer and praise – not only thanking God for all that has been done to restore this relationship but also working to deepen our connection with the God who loves us more than anything.

To help us do that, we’re going to share in a worship series and small group study based on the book “Savior” by Rev. deVega. With this series we will explore why Jesus died on the cross and how it brings us salvation.

In Savior: What the Bible Says About the Cross, Magrey deVega faithfully describes the need for reconciliation between humankind and a holy God through Jesus’ death on the cross. The Bible uses many images to understand the meaning of Jesus’ death and resurrection, and deVega guides us through these images to achieve a richer understanding of the Christian faith. By exploring the mystery of salvation through the cross, we can deepen our love for God and others and strengthen our commitment to follow Jesus.

I want to challenge you this Lenten season, and always, to strive to become closer to Christ. Join one of our small groups to have deeper discussion and be blessed by time in a close Christian community. Spend time preparing your heart, spend time communing with Christ, let go of those things that hold you back from living in that right relationship with God. Seek God with your whole heart!

On the journey with you,
Pastor Nikki