UPDATE: At our May Council meeting, the Church Council voted to continue on-line only worship through June.  The service will remain at 8:30am on Sunday mornings.


Many of you have been asking if Ames First will open up for in-person worship after May 1st.

Ames First UMC will continue to hold only on-line worship through May, 2020.

As you know, Governor Reynolds announced on Monday that churches in 77 Iowa counties (including Story County) will be allowed to hold worship gatherings, effective May 1, as long as strict social distancing guidelines were followed.  In response to that announcement,  Iowa UMC’s Bishop Haller issued a statement (Posted on our Facebook page April 27th) “strongly encouraging” United Methodist Churches in Iowa to refrain from gathering in person for worship through June 1st, so that we can continue to protect the most vulnerable among us from the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

One of the first things that our Church Council did when the COVID-19 pandemic began in Iowa was to form a small team of leadership (Rapid Response Team) who could make decisions more quickly, on behalf of the Council, if needed.  The Rapid Response Team concurs with Bishop Haller’s assessment We will continue to evaluate and assess when and how we will re-open the building for worship and other activities. Our primary concern continues to be the health and well-being of anyone who uses our building, whether they be staff, members or guests.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office.  While the building is still closed to the public, staff will be available to answer phone calls and check emails Monday -Thursday, 8:30am-4:30pm and Friday 8:30am-noon.

Rapid Response Team:

Matt Carney & Sharon Boen, Council Chairs

Joyce Crotty & Jerry Giebelstein, Trustees Chairs

Brenda Bright,  SPRC Chair

Bruce Wight & Marty Sankey, Finance Chairs

Cami McColley, Lay Leader

Rev. Dr. Kerrin Kirkpatrick, Senior Pastor