I love autumn! My favorite change of seasons is from summer to autumn – I love the crispness in the air…and apples…and pumpkins… and bonfires …and the beautiful leaves…and of course cheering on the cyclones for football season! 

What if there wasn’t any change in seasons? It would be hot all the time…or worse, cold all the time. We’d never have the buds and flowers in the spring, the warm sun of summer, the beautiful snowfalls in winter. 

There’s been some change of the seasons in our church as well – changes and gearing up for change. We’ve just had our Church Conference, with new officers selected and a new budget prepared for 2020. During the Conference, we talked about the baptisms of the babies born over the past year… certainly a change in those families! We talked about the shift that our church has been making and continues in becoming more lay driven instead of pastor and staff centric. We are recognizing that the ministry of the church doesn’t belong to the pastors and staff, but to all of us! 

Not all change is easy…in fact, some of it is very difficult. But probably the most difficult are the changes in us – the transformation through the Holy Spirit that God continues to work in us, to make us more and more into the image of Christ. 

No matter what the change, even the most disconcerting, God is still the same and God is still in control! The same God who says “I am the same yesterday, today, and forever” promises us “I will never leave you or forsake you.” 

So part of the challenge for us is to continue to seek out and embrace God’s will in our lives, even if it means change. Because when we look back, we’ll see that God was with us all along. 

Living in the change with you, 
Pastor Nikki