Kids On A Mission!

We are excited to have the wonderful opportunity to do mission work from home again this summer! The children and youth, ages kindergarten through high school, can take part in a 3-day event July 21 – 23 from 9am to noon at First United Methodist Church. This year’s focus will be on Haiti. We will be using the Children’s Mission Study called “Krik, Krak: The Story of Haiti” offered by the United Methodist Women, hear about what life is like for kids in Haiti right now directly from members and friends of First UMC who have been there recently, find out what we can do to help those in need there and how we can share God’s love! We will also focus on local missions and what we can do right here in Ames to help those in need.

Register your child at or pick up a registration form in the office or Welcome Desk. This is open to children and youth from our congregation as well as open to any others interested (grandkids, cousins, neighbors, friends!). If you are interested in assisting with this event, please contact Nicole Smith at 515-232-2750 or