ISAIAH 40 WELLNESS MINISTRY exercise classes start JANUARY 4th 2017.

All are welcome to try a couple classes for free. When you choose to commit, we suggest a monthly donation of $40 to attend as many classes as you want. Questions? Contact Nanette at or 515-290-0005.

CHAIR FITNESS (low impact, flexibility, range of motion, balance, pain reduction/prevention)
MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY 10:00-10:45 a.m.

CARDIO STRENGTH (moderate intensity, varied workouts, standing and floor work)
MONDAY 11:00 a.m.-12:00 noon

A New “Home” for the Isaiah 40 Wellness Ministry

We are happy to have a growing health ministry here at Ames First for three years now! The Isaiah 40 Wellness Ministry has moved to a main floor classroom, E110, now for both the Cardio Strength class and the Chair Fitness class. Through generous memorial gifts, we have been able to put a nice thick pad and new carpeting in the classroom to allow for better cushioning with the low-, mid-, and higher- impact exercises. The classroom is still used as an adult Sunday school classroom and then used for the Wellness Ministry during the week. All are welcome to “drop in” to a class at any time! See the Wellness Ministry schedule below.

Walking to Jerusalem- A Community-Wide Lenten Discipline

WALKING TO JERUSALEM, a poem by Philip Terman, published by Autumn House Press, the inspiration for our Community Lenten Discipline.

Pedometer attached to her belt, your mother, spry and strong at eighty, joins the other Methodist Church members in calculating the 5,915 miles, no matter the weather, to add up all the way from Linesville, Pennsylvania to Jerusalem.

They need not worry about miracles or pausing at the signs of the cross. They need not stop for security to check their purses for weapons. They need no visa nor baggage, no money to exchange for shekels, no guidebook, no guide.

They need no ancient tongue or prophecies. They are, simply, day by day, walking, mile after mile: the sink to the table, uptown to the post office, down the block to visit the sick neighbor.

Sundays to and from church. And when they walk far enough, adding up their pedometers together, they will arrive in Jerusalem. And keep walking.

The Isaiah 40 Wellness Ministry at Ames First United Methodist Church asks that you please join us and others from various churches around Ames in Walking to Jerusalem this Lent. Our goal is to work cooperatively to log the 6,387 miles from Ames, Iowa to Jerusalem. We will start walking on Ash Wednesday, February 10th and will complete our journey on Easter Sunday, March 27th.

That sounds like a lot of miles, but when we work together we will accomplish it by recording our steps and mileage on a weekly basis and combining those from each congregation. We are asking you to keep track of your steps using a pedometer, a pedometer app on your iPhone or Android device (you must have the phone on your person for it to record steps), or by using a Fitbit or other tracking device. (If you need help with any of these items, just call Nanette.)

You can easily sign up by emailing or texting Nanette Heginger (ACE-certified Personal Trainer and Wellness Coordinator at Ames First United Methodist Church) your intention to walk with us. Simply send your name, email and congregation/church (no church affiliation required) to Then WALK and record your daily steps. Each Friday in Lent, simply text or email your weekly totals to Nanette. These totals will get tallied for the week and posted in each church so that all can see our progress. Along the way, Nanette will provide some motivation, devotionals and information on Prayer Walking that will help you to complete your own goals. If you would please volunteer to be a contact person for your congregation, let Nanette know ASAP. If you prefer to walk with a partner or group, please indicate that on your initial email and Nanette will help to coordinate those.

The Isaiah 40 Wellness Ministry believes we as Christians are to be prepared for God’s Call. When we are both physically and spiritually fit, we can better serve God and our community. And working together is always a good idea! We sincerely hope you will consider joining us in this Lenten discipline. We wish you the best on your journey, Walking to Jerusalem!

Join us at any time!