We have the opportunity to help out some of our local schools in need.
Kate Mitchell Elementary is in need of books in their classrooms and have asked us to help out by donating to their Scholastic account. They have a book fair coming up next week and can use the money to get some really great deals on books for their classrooms! The link says kindergarten but it’s been set up as a fund to be shared for all grade levels.
Meeker Elementary is in need of classroom supplies:
As many of you know, funding for our schools has been reduced over the years and teachers are paying for many things out of their own pockets. Let’s show our teachers and the kids our love and God’s love for them by our generous gifts and support.
If you’d like to give to one of these but not sure how to online, please contact Nicole or make a check to the church with “school help fund” in the memo. If you purchase items and aren’t sure how to get them to the school, feel free to drop them off at the church office and Nicole will get them delivered. (nicole@fumcames.org)
We will continue to share about the needs of our local schools with you as we become aware of those needs. Please continue to hold our teachers and students in your prayers.