2018 brought many changes to FUMC. In June, we said goodbye to Pastors Fred Lewis and Cephas Davis. Each heading in opposite directions on their preaching journey; both with high hopes of what their futures would bring. Pastor Fred began his retirement. Looking forward to a whole new way of life and new beginnings; not just the end of his journey as Senior Pastor at FUMC. Pastor Cephas began a new assignment as the Senior Pastor at Easton Place United Methodist Church in Des Moines. He also was looking at a whole new way of life and new beginnings as he joined a new congregation. 

In July, we welcomed two new pastors to First United Methodist Church. Reverend Dr. Kerrin Kirkpatrick and Reverend Nikki Ross Bishop. Not only were there two new pastors, but two women pastors! Kerrin and Nikki brought with them different perspectives, ideas and thoughts to share with their new congregation. Both of them looking toward the future with high hopes of where their journey in Ames would take them.

In 2018, we also said goodbye to many of our dear friends and long time members of this congregation. In all, 23 people started their heavenly journeys; almost half of them passed on in October and November. That could be overwhelming for any pastor, not just a new pastor. The comments that were made by the families were a confirmation of welcoming. They felt like an old friend was helping them through their grief and the passing of their loved ones. Not just a new pastor. 


2019 promises to be another year filled with changes and new beginnings. Some changes may be painful, some may be wonderful. No matter what, we all need to look to the future with high hopes for a brighter tomorrow for our congregation and our church. In a world where you can be anything, start with being kind.