One of the most difficult decisions in the past few weeks: whether or not to cancel services because of the weather. We recognize the need to keep people safe, especially with the nasty winds, drifting snow, icy roads and bitter, BITTER COLD! 

But to us, Worship has always been the lifeblood of a church – not just sitting in a pew on a Saturday or Sunday, but giving God all the praise and honor, from the depths of who we are. In our Worship, we put ourselves in our proper place, not as the center of our universe, but as those whose Center is the One Who created us, sustains us, and makes a way that we can have both redemption and eternal life. Thankfully, we haven’t had to cancel worship service yet and we hope to have the church open as much as possible. However, when we do have to cancel Worship services, we regret it, even when we know it’s the safest decision. But we know that Worship isn’t something that happens just within the walls of the church building; we Christians worship God with our whole lives, or at least we should. 

So what is it that cancels your Worship – your personal Worship of God? For some, it’s a nasty wind of change, blowing them in a different direction than planned. For others, it’s an icy heart that needs the fire of the Holy Spirit to rekindle the flame. Others find that bitterness seems to put a chill on their relationship with Christ. And some don’t have much of a reason at all for why they’ve stopped worshipping; they’ve just kind of drifted away. 

Worship isn’t just vital to a church congregation; it’s vital to each of us individually. Whatever has stopped you from Worship, be intentional of getting it back on the schedule. Even better, pray that God will make Worship so much a part of you that you are always in Worship – no matter where you are. 

In Worship with you, Pastor Nikki