Hope is such a wonderful thing to have but sometimes it can be difficult to find. We will go through the year exploring ways to have hope in our lives through curiosity, wonder, and amazement. Through these ways we will also be reminded of our foundation in God and the Grace that surrounds each and every one of us. We are starting off the year with “curious” for our theme and learning more about how we can have Curiosity in Hope.

Are you curious? Haven’t met the new pastors yet- Curious who they are? Haven’t attended a Sunday or Wednesday class or LIFE group for awhile or maybe even ever- Curious to try something out? Never invited a friend to come to church with you- Curious what their response will be? No better time than now to be curious and find out!

Be sure to register all children and youth birth through high school seniors. We need this information so we can have the most accurate records on file, so we can keep everyone safe, and so we know who is at what milestone in their faith formation. Go to http://www.fumcamesevents.com/2017-kids-on-a-mission.cfm or get a paper copy of the registration form at the office or Welcome Center.