Well it hardly seems possible, but it is that time of year again. 

It seems like just yesterday we were enjoying caramel apples, picking pumpkins, giving thanks with family and friends, and sitting around a bonfire. Now, we have traded that all in for colder weather and the joy of the holiday season. Yet, every year it seems to me that we step a little farther away from the joy of the season and get weighed down more and more by all the busyness and stress that the holidays can bring. 

Advent can be such a wonderful time of year. It is more than just four more weeks of Christmas shopping; it is more than four more weeks to finish holiday baking or house cleaning; it is more than just four more weeks of whining children wanting more and more presents. It is four more weeks of joyous anticipation at the coming of our King and Messiah. A miracle is about to happen!! The almighty, everlasting God will leave all the glories of heaven and enter into our broken and sinful world as a tiny baby. Just think…Jesus loves you so much that He left heaven just to be with you! That is something to celebrate and something to look forward to. Join in the joyful anticipation! Christmas is so much more than cookies, presents, and Santa Claus. It’s even more than time with family ~ it is time with Christ! Get ready, a miracle is coming. 

Anticipating the King with you, 

Pastor Nikki