Our District Superintendent, Rev. Dr. Harlan Gillespie, is calling a special Church Conference (all members are invited with voice and vote) to Vote on the Staff Parish Relations Committee’s recommendation to approve Fredrick Killian as a candidate for ordained ministry from this congregation. The SPRC met and interviewed Fredrick on March 6 using the formal documents provided by our denomination’s Board of Ministry. Fredrick and his family have been members here for over two years. He received his “call to ministry” about that time and entered seminary and graduate studies at Saint Paul’s School of Theology, where he is now in his “middler years”, with approximately one and a half to two years of education remaining. He has started the formal process to become an ordained Elder in the UMC and has had initial interviews with our District’s Board of Ministry. He has a passion to serve in the local church and special interests in the fields of prison chaplaincy and work with youth and young adults. He has earned various honors as a student at Saint Paul’s including being elected to the student government there and been chosen to represent the seminary as an ambassador to Iowa to help share the story of seminary education and life hoping others might also discern their own call to ministry. To approve Fredrick at a Church Conference is just one more step on his pathway into the ordained ministry. Hopefully you will take some time to be here on Sunday, March 25, at 1 p.m. in the sanctuary to help make this important decision for Fredrick and for our whole UMC.