Monday, 3/20

Today’s thought… Let’s be honest, change can be hard. We must pray for God to open our eyes and ears to how He wants us to adapt and change.

Tuesday, 3/21

Today’s thought… Who are the people who helped to form and shape your life? Take time this week to write or call them to say, thank you.

Wednesday, 3/22

Today’s thought… Do you ever struggle to pray publicly or to be bold in offering a public witness of your faith? Ask God today to give you the courage to increase your public witness and be ready to share.

Thursday, 3/23

Today’s thought… Have you been searching for truth and meaning in your life? Ask God to give you the strength to search outside of your comfort zone to find what you are searching for.

Friday, 3/24

Today’s thought… What nonessentials are keeping YOU from what matters most? When you know what matters most in your life, pray that you will not be tempted by the world.