Monday (Feb 27th)

Today’s thought… INSPIRATION. A word of hope, a feeling of joy a word of encouragement. How can you be an inspiration to others today?

Tuesday (Feb 28th)

Today’s thought… INTEGRATION. Become a credible public witness to what you hear on Sunday. What are doing Monday- Saturday that shows the world you are living out your faith?

Wednesday (March 1st)

Today’s thought…ISOLATION. When we lack community, we conveniently respond by interacting only with the people that share our opinion. Who will you reach out to today, to build more community in Christian love?

Thursday (March 2nd)

Today’s thought… INDEPENDENCE. The world tells us that we are to be in charge of our own destiny. God calls us to trust Him, are you willing to “give it all away” to truly be dependent on God?

Friday (March 3rd)

Today’s thought… INVITATION. We come together in church weekly to charge our batteries. We are called to “discharge” our batteries in our community. Who can you share your story of God’s love with and invite to church with you this week?