Sunday Morning Opportunities: 

All classes meet 9:45am-10:45am Sundays.

Wesley’s Holy Club

If you are new to the Methodist faith or maybe just feel like you want more background on this denomination you’ve been a part of for a while, this is a great group for you! This group will take a look at the United Methodist faith as they discuss the history of it, the sacraments celebrated, and what makes us United Methodists. Staff Conference Room W107

Faith and Reason

This group has a strong focus on faith and social action. They use a variety of video based lessons, articles from various organizations, and books from noted writers and thinkers from around the world, as they discuss the relationship between religious fundamentalism and democracy, equality, and human rights. Join them for an invigorating discussion! Room E110

Coffee Talk

This group utilizes a great variety of video and book based studies covering numerous relevant topics in regards to faith formation. Chad and Carrie Copley lead this group that always has an engaging and thought-provoking discussion based on the studies. Conference Room E101

Other short-term classes will appear throughout the year – watch the newsletter and bulletin for details!

Mid-week Faith Formation Opportunities:

Wonderful Wednesday Women

Wonderful Wednesday Women gathers weekly on Wednesday mornings at 10:00 a.m. in the church’s conference room. As we gather, we discuss how all are doing and if there are any special prayer requests or concerns. We then look at the worship from the past weekend and discuss a variety of things about it that we connected with. Then we look ahead to the coming weekend and look at the worship service that is planned. We discuss the lectionary for the weekend and reflect on the messages from each. This group is not only a bible study, but a way to look at the meaningful design of the worship service and find varying ways we can each connect to it. We are also a great support system for one another as we go through different times and events in our lives and share from our own life experiences and faith journeys. Contact Nicole Smith, 232-2750, for more information.

Men’s Morning Lectionary

A group of men gather at the West Ames Hy Vee for a lectionary discussion on Wednesday mornings at 6am. If you are interested in this group, contact Chad Copley for more details. All are welcome.

Wednesday Night Meal

Join us Wednesday nights between Labor Day and Memorial Day from 6:00-6:30 for a meal before Wednesday evening activities.  All ages are welcome to enjoy a meal for a free will donation before going to our various evening faith formation opportunities.  We will meet in the Multipurpose Room- W201.

Wednesday Night Adult Group

The group uses various DVD series throughout the September-May meeting times.  They invite any young through young at heart adults to join them for some great discussion.  This class meets in the conference room from 6:30-7:30.

Young Adult Small Group

This group meets Wednesday at 8 pm in the Senior High Youth Room when Iowa State University is in session.  This group is for those who have graduated high school but do not yet have kids. Contact Pastor Nikki Ross Bishop, 232-2750, for more information.

Small Prayer Groups and Bible Studies

Other small groups may be formed at any time as interest arises.  Examples; ( 4 woman prayer group which meets 1/week; Ruth Bible Study meeting 6 weeks; Upper Room study meeting 2/month)   Contact Nicole Smith or Pastor Nikki Ross- Bishop for resource recommendations. Church office: 232-2750

LIFE Groups

They are a wonderful way to get to know others in the congregation. LIFE stands for Living and Learning In Faith Everyday. The groups meet in people’s homes at a variety of times and frequency through the week and/or month. Group members meet and discuss the spiritual needs specific to those in their group to determine what course of study they will take. This fall we will have 7-8 LIFE groups with the opportunity for new ones to start at any time. If you are interested in further developing your faith as well as having an opportunity to become better connected with members of the congregation, contact Chad and Carrie Copley and they will connect you with a LIFE group leader or assist you in starting your own LIFE group.

Music Ministry:

Chancel Choir

Will have practices on Wednesday nights at 7:30 pm, September through May.  New members, high school age and above, are always welcome. Devotions are shared at each practice. Contact Myrna Cakerice, 450-5556.

Handbell Choir

This group meets at 6:30 pm Wednesday nights, September through May.  Devotions are shared at each practice.  Contact Myrna Cakerice, 450-5556, for more information.

United Methodist Women Leadership Team

This team meets on the 4th Wednesday of the month, August – May at 11:15 am in the Conference Room.  All UMW members are welcome to attend.  Each meeting includes devotions, reports from officers and information sharing. Contact Jane Edwards, President, 233-4266 for more information.

United Methodist Women Circles

Our circles always welcome new members.  Their meetings include devotions, a program or service project, and fellowship.

Ruth Circle meets the second Thursday of the month, August-May in the Multipurpose Room at 9 am.  Contact Jane Jorgensen, 231-1106, for more information.

Sarah Circle meets the second Thursday of the month, September –May in the Multipurpose room at 1 pm.  Contact Jane Edwards, 233-4266, for more information.

Silver Anniversary Circle meets the second Thursday of the month at 7 pm in members’ homes or the church, September- May.  Contact Joan Peterson, 451-3011 for more information.

Other Opportunities:

Technology Ministry

Mike Evans is in the beginning stages of creating a Technology Ministry for Ames First UMC. This ministry will be a group of volunteers who have a variety of advanced abilities in the field of technology. For example, maybe you’re an iPhone expert or maybe you’re a pro with Microsoft Office, whatever your tech savvy abilities are, you are needed! The hope is to form this group to have people in the congregation connecting with others who may need some assistance with various technology needs. Contact Mike Evans at 515-460-3921 if you are interested in being a volunteer for this ministry. Once this is formed and ready to go, more information will go out about how to get in touch with someone regarding your specific technology need.

Parents of Young Children 

This group meets Sunday afternoons between 4:30 and 6:30 starting January 20, 2019.  We will start with our parent’s study and end with a family meal. Child care is provided. Contact Stephanie Starrett for more information.

Liturgical Dance

This group seeks to incorporate dance into worship as a way of praising God. We meet every other week and practice dance as a way of praising God. We dance in worship 3-4 times a year. All ages are welcome. Contact Nicole if interested.


Will meet every Tuesday from 10 am to 4 pm in the Quilting Room, basement level. Interested quilters may contact Sally Peterson, 337-1230, for more information.

Prayer Shawl Creators

Join us on the second Saturday of the month between 9:30 and 11:00.  Persons who like to knit or crochet at all levels are welcome. Contact Judy Roe, 232-5797.  “Come let’s bend threads together”

Naomi’s Friends

We welcome women who have been widowed for fellowship gatherings at area restaurants. They meet the third Monday of the month at 11:30 am.  Contact Juanita Dunn, 233-4781, for more information.