Hello, families!

This is one of my longer messages but it is VERY important to read all the way through and as soon as possible. It is very important that you register each of your children (infants through high schoolers) each year for our programming here at Ames First UMC so we always have the most up to date records. Help us keep the church environment fun, safe, and healthy for everyone.

I am trying something new this year and utilizing the Kids on a Mission website. Please go to www.fumcamesevents.com and go to the FUMC Child/Youth Registration tab. Once there, read through a little info about Kids on a Mission and then click the Register Your Child Here button.

Now–once you do that you will type in your first child’s first and last name. Don’t panic where it says “pay in full.” You’ll notice that it is set to $0 anyway. This is just because this website company automatically has a cost section factored in to their registrations. You do have the option below that to make a tax-deductible donation to Kids on a Mission from there. It is NOT required but I wanted the option to be easily accessible there since I know many have shown interest in donating to this group.

If you have more than one child, go next to +Add Another Participant which you will find under the donation amounts. Continue clicking +Add Another Participant until you have the names of all your children entered.  Once you do, click Save and Checkout. Then click Proceed to Check out. Then go through the information fields and questions for the child listed until you have all completed. You will then “checkout,” and if you checked the box to make a donation, this is where it will ask for your credit card information. If you did not check the box to make a donation, you will NOT be asked for any financial information at all since there is NO COST to register.

One great thing that has been added to this year’s registration is the permission slip question built in for any day trips. If your child/youth will be taking part in an overnight trip somewhere, a separate permission slip will be given to you either in person or via email for that specific trip. AND, there’s even a spot for you to check YES-I want to help my child’s/youth’s class this year. If you check yes, I will contact you to further discuss the options for assisting with the class–but don’t worry—you won’t have to come up with anything on your own and you don’t have to be a biblical scholar to volunteer to help with your child’s class.

If you have any questions about this or any problems filling the registration out, please let me know. I hope this is an easy process and faster than filling everything out on paper.

PLEASE complete registration for EVERY child in your household by September 11.

Thank you and enjoy the extra long weekend!


Nicole Smith

Director of Christian Education

First United Methodist Church

516 Kellogg Avenue

Ames, IA 50010