At 8:30 a.m. on Sunday, April 29, we will be confirming this year’s class of students. We salute these young people, their parents and mentors: 

Confirmands, Mentors 

Connor Garetson, William Edwards
Sammie Schaben, Sadie Anderson
Emily Pretzer, Jeanne Maharry
Lane Sullivan, Jim Miller
Karsten Holm, Chad Copley
Libby Gens, Greta Goodman
Carlie Johnson, Kathy Van Pelt
Carleigh Evans, Ellen Johnsen
Ainsley Jurgens, Nicole Smith
Adam Heuer, Mike Evans
Will Copley, Rod Bodholdt
Ian Nelson, Lance Schmidt
Ben Morrison, Brenda Smith
Bryce Bearson, Rhonda Giebelstein
Caraline Grebner, Carrie Copley 

Since last September, Carol Miller and I have been leading youth through their faith journey, knowing and experiencing God for themselves. Our material for confirmation is “Credo,” meaning “I Believe.” During confirmation our youth get to know God’s Story with these lessons being taught: Creation, Sin, Redemption, Holy Spirit, the Church, and New Creation. They also get to confirm their faith with these lessons being taught: Way of Disciple, Way of Salvation, Wesleyan Quadrilateral, Worship, Sacraments, and Living a Holy Life; and lastly, they get to live out their commitment with these lessons being taught: Renounce, Reject, Repent; Accept, Confess, The Creeds, Prayer, Presence, Gifts, Service, and Witness. Thus, these lesson and through the power of the Holy Spirit our youth go into the world living out and proclaiming God’s Kingdom. 

We hope the congregation will continue to keep these young people in their prayers as they grow in their Christian discipleship. Join our confirmands and their families for worship on this special day. Stay for a reception for them during our coffee time. The traditional “colors” for the Rite of Confirmation are “blue and white” so you are invited to dress for worship in those colors on that day.