It may seem really early to think about it but… 

“Just ___ shopping days ‘til Christmas!” 

How many times did you hear that last December? Of course, that’s one of the ways that retailers help to encourage you to make your Christmas celebration plans. 

What preparations did you make for Christmas last year – buying and wrapping gifts, getting things like holiday get-togethers on your calendar, baking cookies and preparing the Christmas feast? 

My guess would be that you’ve been making some similar preparations for Easter: buying the Easter candy, getting the Holy Week and Sunrise services on the calendar, planning what to cook for the Easter brunch. 

But, I heard a person on a radio program say something I’ve thought for awhile. He said that most people, and even many churches, spend a lot of time and effort just before Christmas and Easter getting ready. So much of our time is spent prepping for holidays. But really, what we should be doing as Christians is spending all of our days putting the lessons of Christmas and Easter into practice in our lives. 

So how are we doing with that? We give gifts on Christmas; how will we be a gift to others not just on Easter but all year through? Instead of an Easter Brunch, how will we feed the souls and spirits of people in the middle of July? 

May we remember that we are an Easter people who celebrate all year through. May we live each and every day in the joy of Resurrection! 

Every day to us is Easter, with its resurrection song. 

Rejoicing in the Resurrection with you, 

Pastor Nikki