Food at First will serve their first meal in their new location on Sunday, March 29 at 5:45pm. We are sad to see them leave this church, but we are excited about the possibilities they will have in their new larger space, the way it can better serve the community with the larger space, and our continued support of this program.

The church is a family.

This congregation —this “church family”— believes it has been called by God to be:

“ A vital church connecting people with God and with one another…driven to serve!”

For the past eleven years the Ames First United Methodist Church

has been “home” to the ministry of mission known as “Food at First.” 

Like every human family, our church family is formed and reformed over time

as people come and go;

and always, we are listening for the call of God to lead us in our service and discipleship

For these past eleven years “Food at First” has been with us and

we have been an integral part of it, having given it birth. 

Much has happened through these years as we have sought to feed

people seeking a good meal. 

Lives have been changed and transformed.

Relationship shave been built and strengthened. 

The power and presence of God has been known and experienced through it.

We feel sorrow in the leaving of Food at First,

                yet we rejoice in anticipation of this new phase of its life,

                with expanded space to grow in its outreach.

We will miss the daily comings and goings of the people who have been so

involved in its ministry and the people who have benefited from it;

yet we know you will add vitality to your new church home

at First Christian Church just as you have added to ours.

We will continue to pray for you and continue to support you in all the ways we can.

Let us pray:

                O God, you are our strength and redeemer,

                we humbly place in your hands this” Food at First” ministry

                                who is about to leave us.

                Keep and preserve “Food at First”, O Lord, in all health and wisdom

                                as this ministry of mission goes forth to serve your people;

                We pray this through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.