Just a quick reminder about upcoming Wednesday night activities:


5:15-6:00 Liturgical Dance in the Sanctuary

6:00-6:30 Pizza, Praise & Prayer – please consider donating $1/slice of pizza.  Meet in the Multi-purpose room, W201.

6:30-7:30 Small Groups:

Little Kid’s Club (PreK-2nd):   They will continue to learn more about Spiritual Gifts.  Meet in Room E204.

Big Kid’s Club (3rd-5th): Same as above, but meet in Room E206.

Middle School: They will begin decorating their room for Halloween! Meet in Room E201.

High School:  You will continue planning for your Halloween Haunted House!  Meet in Room W202.

Adults: This group is currently watching “Ed’s Story” and having some engaging faith based discussions.  Meet in Room E110.

7:30-8:30 Young Adult Group.  Our topic this week is “Noise” from Rob Bell’s NOOMA series, and will be led by Megan VanPelt.  We will watch a short video and then have discussion.  [FYI: A “young adult” is someone post high school through twenties, if one spouse is in their twenties, both are welcome.] Meet in Room W202.